Monday, February 13, 2006

Stoppin the Love

I'm done with NotHusband.
Recently, he's been doing more than his fair share of pissing me off and today marked the end of my letting it hurt my feelings.

On my birthday, we all decided to play Kings, the game where you each pick a card and each one means something different. So NotRachel picks up a card that happened to mean Categories. She decided her category was "Places I've had sex."
We get to me and I pause. Someone goes "Oh, it's just because all of the places that have been named you've done it in, right?" And just as I was agreeing, in butts NotHusband with "No, it's because she's never done it AT ALL."
I was shocked. Number 1, it's no ones business but my own whether or not I decide to tell someone I'm a virgin. Number 2, it's REALLY not his job to announce to the entire party my sexual status. I got so mad at him I yelled at him 3 times in the course of 2 days. Thing is, he really didn't seem to feel that bad about it.
So lately I've been distancing myself from him, with good reason. Apparently he went to a gay club one weekend, hooked up with a guy, and now they're dating. WHAT the fuck is that? Tell me, why is it so much easier for a gay man to find and keep a mate? Honestly.
So I have to hear him talk about this guy constantly. I won't even give him a name because honestly, with the way NotHusband goes through men, he won't last long enough for us to even remember what I called him.

He is the most self-centered man I have ever met. I mean honestly. Every single conversation we have he centers around himself. If there's something wrong with me and I happen to tell him, he will change the subject so it comes back to him. I'm serious! I've been starting to think about why we're actually friends.
I know he takes my advice to heart. I talked him down off the ledge of moving up in the company he works for, NotHomeDepot.

But I digress.

Tomorrow, as many(all) of you may know, is Valentine's Day. Awhile back NotHusband and I had a conversation that involved us going out to dinner and celebration this (stupid ass) holiday together.
Color me surprised when I find out, via his Livejournal, that he has decided to go out with his other girl friend (NotOrange) and celebrate the fact that they are single and happy. This bothers me for several reasons:
1. Um, tomorrow's Valentine's Day. Did he, or did he not say we were going to have dinner on that night? (NotMiranda, back me up on this...)
2. I cannot STAND NotOrange. He could have picked anyone else to go with, I mean seriously.
3. When I left a few "snarky" comments on his LJ, he proceeds to IM me and say "Gee, thanks for making me look like an ass on my LiveJournal."

I shouldn't get this upset about it, but honestly, with the way things are going in my "love" life, you'd think that I'd catch a break on the one holiday that usually sucks for me. I think it's very unfortunate that this consumer-driven holiday can make me so depressed, but it does. Even a fake date was better than nothing.

Every day NotHusband slips farther and farther away from best friend status and that saddens me to no end, but honestly, am I really at fault?


Larissa said...

yeah I had a NotHusband when I lived in NY. We'd hang out all the time and he was my best friend...until he found a NotOrange. Seriously the same situation, I couldn't stand the girl and she would always be around whenever he and I made plans. He just moved on to a new favorite. He was one of those people that has an intense friendship for a few months, and then moves on to some one else. Sounds like your friend is similar.

Oh and on another note: ughh, I feel you on games like Kings and Never Have I Ever. I dread them for the same reasons you do!

NotMiranda said...

Substitute BFs are trouble. He can be a friend, but the whole 'NotHusband' thing isn't really paying off.

NotCarrie said...

I agree with NotMiranda...and you never know, what if someone does think you're dating? They might assume you're not available.

I love Never Have I Ever but I tend to have to either "take a bathroom break" or get very vague/exagerrate for certain questions;)

NotSamantha said...

Take it from another someone who knows (you've seen the NotSkippy posts right)...drop it like its hot.

NotCharlotte said...

Yeah, as my favorite Heidi Klum would say... "You're out. Aufwiedersehen."


I was really rude to him on the phone today, it felt good. i'm such a bitch!