Thursday, February 09, 2006

Just the three of us???

NotSkippy commented to me last night as we watched a movie that his friends
thought he had the ideal setup. He was dating me (someone that he likes, has a lot in common with, etc.), but he's screwing NotIttyBittyTitty.

*raised eyebrow*

So while I play the part of the pseudo-girlfriend, complete with fun dinners out and copious amounts of his time, the supposed real girlfriend is the "other" woman...good for getting nekkid with and possibly bumping uglies...

*both eyebrows raised now*

Now its not that I'm against hanging out with him or that I don't understand the inner
workings of the male mind, this one in particular, but seriously, what is he thinking. And the really sad part of the whole thing doesn't seem like he even refuted this claim.

Recently, I told NotSkippy that while I don't mind the random comment about NotIttyBittyTitty, I really don't care to hear about her at all, because 1) I don't like her and I think she's totally wrong for him, 2) I think she has some major body, mind and personality issues that she needs to address before getting involved with someone of the opposite sex and 3) she's marriage track girl and is three little words away from pressing NotSkippy
on the whole ring, dress and picket fence issue. To add to my dislike of her in general I have the additional fuel of his parents not thinking she is 'the one' for him either.

With this, I find I need to take another step away from this situation all together and limit my contact with him to movies on the weekend and the occasional dinner out, because anymore and I'll wind up in the pining from afar boat again.


NotCharlotte said...

That bitch!

You need to just kick him to the curb altogether and MOVE ON!

NotSamantha, like it or not, he's playing you! As weird as that is to say, considering it's NotSkippy...I can't believe he said that first part (him dating you and screwing bitchface)

NotCarrie said...

Yeah that's so wrong! If he wants to be friends, that's one thing but dating/screwing no no no!

NotMiranda said...

Fuck him. Let me know if I need to get involved.

Larissa said...

yeah distance is a good idea. i decided to do that a few months ago with my pretend boyfriend and i've been a lot happier because of it. he seems hurt and confused that we're not as close, but it's really for the best. i can tell he wants to bring back that sexual tension vibe that was between us but that's too bad -- he has a girlfriend. Anyway, just wanted to say wise choice.

monica said...

definitely dump his ass! this can only lead to drama and more drama! and heartache! yuck! tell his sorry ass to get gone!