Friday, January 27, 2006

"This party is great but where is my boyfriend?"

My junior year of college was a really good year full of parties and concerts. It was the beginning of adding in some really great friends, many of whom were hott guys. (Seriously, the number of hott guy friends I had was almost unfair.) One party in the winter of that year I was in classic NotCarrie form. I probably did a kegstand or two, played beer pong and challenged anyone to a chugging contest. (I wasn't a boozehound but I could hold my beer/liquor!) Anyway, so at this party, needless to say, I was a little drunk. And being drunk, I had some difficulties keeping things to myself. Actually, I was pretty proud of myself after the fact for being cryptic even in my drunken stupor-I revealed no names and had no reasons to be (too) embarassed the next day.

Anyway, so on with the story. I spent the evening doing what I do best---flirting. Apparently, though, I got pissed when a friend of mine disappeared with one of my hott friends and some of the others weren't being receptive to my advances. This is when I found the dry erase board on the host's fridge door and wrote:

"This party is great but where is my boyfriend?"

At the time I thought nothing of it and assumed noone would know I wrote it but boy fwas I wrong. Apparently it was the funniest thing to have happened at the party that night. The host told me they left the note up for weeks to remember how funny I was when I declared that. They told me I kept going around asking people where "he" was...and no, there was no "he" to be found! Maybe you had to be there but I rememberd this night the other day and it made me laugh to remember.

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NotCharlotte said...

That makes me laugh out loud. I could totally see you doing that, for some reason...