Monday, January 02, 2006

Taking the advice of a skunk-tiger mix...

I love webcomics...and recently I've gotten into a few of the furry ones. My latest fave is Sabrina-Online. Great webcomic and it has a really cool character named Zig-Zag, she's a skunk-tiger mix who owns a movie studio that specializes in porn.

Gotta love that!

But on a recent trip with the main character of the webcomic, Sabrina, she reveals why she's not shy about her sexuality and how she expresses herself...and I quote "I do what I enjoy, life's too short to worry about embarassment and self denial." And now I find myself taking advice from a comic strip character.

Zig-Zag has a point. With all the things that are going on in really is too short to worry about what everyone else thinks about you and what you do. Instead strive to be happy, try to make good decisions with a level head and move on from there. So with all of the other new things I'll be doing this year I would like to add that don't deny yourself the things you like no matter how much someone else may not approve. Remember in the morning you've got to be able to look you in the eye and like what you see. Everyone else, well all they see is what they want to see anyway.


NotCarrie said...

skunk-tiger mix sounds stinky.

Agree with your last paragraph definitely though:)

I-66 said...

So what is it? A skiger? a tigunk?

I know one thing's for sure, if it's a tiger/skunk hybrid I'm standing neither in front of nor beside it.

NotSamantha said...

A skiger? for tigunk, that sounds like something under my sink.

Considering she's a bi porn star and quite popular in this universe you would be pretty smart not to stand too close. Never know what body fluid could get onto you.

NotCarrie said...

Yikes! You said fluid!