Saturday, December 03, 2005

Unorthodox Date

I had such a great date tonight for my work's Holiday Party...

My sister!

Okay, wasn't a date but we did have an awesome evening. I originally had invited NotJason but he had other plans and the other male backups aren't in the area so I asked my sister to go. She at first was going as a favor to me but once she learned that it was $70 a plate and my company was picking up the tab she was excited to be my "date."

I had such a great time though because I was totally at ease the whole night. We ate everything and could ask each other for the "all clear" regarding food in our teeth without being embarassed. We were able to talk about people without them knowing because we can practically read each other's minds and speak with minimal words. It was an enjoyable night because we have a million ways to amuse ourselves and make each other laugh.

I'm so glad I took my unorthodox date tonight. As I've been writing this, I have been going over a couple of different ways to conclude:

I wish I had a boyfriend with whom I can have enjoyable evenings like this all the time.

Why do myself and other women try to come off as someone they aren't in order to attract a male (i.e. eating every appetizer three-fold, asking to do the teeth check, etc.)?

Should I close with humor and the fact that my sister wants me to get married to NotJason even though we are strictly friends? This amused me, at least. I thought her little idea was funny.

I think, instead, that I am going to reaffirm my confidence in NOT having a boyfriend and that being okay. I've never been one to wallow in my singleness and if anything I have looked at it as a positive. Of course I want to be in a relationship full of love and kisses and shared memories and inside jokes but I am also able to look at the opposite in a "glass half-full" way. I do what I want, when I want and I have great friends and family to take along for the ride. I'm not out there looking for someone to 'complete' me. I am already ME. I'm out there looking for the person who can appreciate and enjoy me to the fullest and vice versa. Until (and if) I find him, I hope to have more nights like tonight where I am reminded that there is more to life than just finding a man.

Thanks lil' sis!

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NotMiranda said...

I love this post and the confidence in it! You rock : )