Friday, December 23, 2005

The Customer Is Always Hott

Last night at my part time retail job I realized that, when busy I was starting to scope out for the hott guy customer. This made me laugh since I'm supposed to help people in the order they come and also, because it's not like helping some hott guy is going to result in a tryst back in the art section (best hiding spot in my opinion.) There did seem to be a higher percentage of hott men out shopping last night though. I guess they are all procrastinators....which is okay with me. Hott is hott.

Does that ever happen though? Some random makeout somewhere? The most random kissing moment I have ever had was New Years 2003 when I passed a hott guy in the street and turned around to get a better look. Much to my surprise he was doing the same thing and we gravitated back to each other and he said, "I haven't gotten my New Years kiss yet." (*swoon*) And then we kissed. Holy crap it was amazing! But that was New Years when kissing is expected. I think my random work makeout daydream is going to continue to be just my head.


Sub Girl said...

being at work is prime-time for make-out daydreams.

Larissa said...

that new years make-out is still pretty awesome!

NotCarrie said...

sub girl: Oh it totally is...I bet I walk around with a funny expresson on my face sometimes while daydreaming.

larissa: I know! It's the type of thing that never happens to me, but it did!