Monday, November 21, 2005

Opposites attract?

This isn't a political post, but I feel the need to point out the fact that I am a liberal woman. At times you could even call me radical. I have extreme views that are definitely left-leaning. Why, then, am I attracted to conservative men? Conservative men make my blood boil in a very negative way. I have known more than a few that I have wanted to bitch slap or send live on the streets for just a week. Despite this, I often find myself attracted to (and even turned on by) these same men! Why is this so?! Do I have an argumentative streak that is always on the lookout for its match? Am I secretly excited by verbal sparring? Really, this same confusion applies to my sometimes attraction to arrogant (overly confident) men. I know part of it probably has to do with the fact that both groups of men likely have a passion for something. I love a man who gets excited and worked up (evidently even if it's about our social welfare system or himself). This is the best I can do in terms of rationalization.


NotCarrie said...

I think you secretly want a Republican to teach you his ways;) Haha!

Just kidding...that's interesting though.

NotMiranda said...

I was raised with Republicans trying to teach me their ways...didn't catch! Maybe it is a secret cry for a Texas man, though.

NotCarrie said...

Does political affiliation mean a lot to you where a man is concerned? Is it something you think about?

Mike said...

ahhh because all conservative men, like myself, fall into the categories below! :-)

Men I am attracted to:
~are taller than me
~are scruffy
~are quite intelligent. most times a bit more intelligent than me.
~are quite proficient in the usage of english grammar
~have an incredible sense of humor.
~have a slight arrogance about them
~are goal-oriented
~like sex/love/relationships but are not complete horn dogs

hahaha most liberals too like to argue, and how can you pasionately argue with someone who holds the exact same views as you?