Friday, November 04, 2005

Drop and give me 20

I have a thing for men in uniform. Not just a little thing, mind you.

Just seeing commercials for that new movie "Jarhead" makes me want to burst into orgasmic spasms.

Military men, man oh man.


manda said...

Agreed! Of course, it probably doesn't hurt that Jake Gyllenhaal is the man in the uniform.

Sitting on campus the other day, two VERY fine men (in their Air Force uniforms!) came up to my friend and I with their little puppy. It's name was "sweetheart" in German - they were trying to get her acclimated to people. I definitely would have followed THEM home...

NotCharlotte said...

Schatzi!! (sweetheart in german)

mmmm jake gyllenhaal, don't tempt me!
There's this awesome picture i found of his hot face and the lighting is green and someone wrote "the green ones DO make you horny"

i thought that was hilarious.