Thursday, October 27, 2005

Happening Endings...

Something's come to my attention over the past few days.

I've discovered that I like happy endings. The girl gets the guy or vice versa, big kiss on the lips, everything is tied up nicely with a bow and the world is a happy shiny place in the end kind of happy endings. Don't know why exactly I just do.

Which probably accounts for why I only read romance and stories where I'm pretty much assured that the resolution at the end will be a good one. Books where people have to suffer throughout do not appeal at all.

And which probably accounts for why I place feelings on things, people, places, etc. that don't actually belong there. I'm still waiting for my happy ending...and I'm sure I'm going to get it...if I wait long enough...

*taps foot*

Okay, this waiting crap is for the birds, looks like I'm going to have to hack it out on my own.


John said...

I have no idea who you girls are or how you started this blog, but it's creative, it's well written, and as a columnist for a newspaper, I'd have to say that it's a very good read.

Fret not, for the four of you will find your happy endings.

There will be someone to erase all the negatives you've found before, there will be someone to fulfill your "lusty" desires, and there will be someone to not necessarily "complete" you, but make you more complete.

It just sucks waiting for it. Oh, I know.

But until that day, keep writing, keep trying, and I'll keep reading.

Even though I am a dude.

NotMiranda said...

Thanks, John.'s funny how you say you like books, movies, etc. with happy endings. I know we've talked about this before, but the off thing is that I tend to drift toward tales of strife or that are a little messed up. The typical reaction I get in recommending a book to a person is a look of disturbance or a small shake of the head. Even more odd, and something I can't reconcile in my head, is the fact that while I like deep, challenging books I'm just the opposite on movies. I like deep movies but tend to gravitate most easily toward a more gratuitous quick fix.

NotCarrie said...

Thanks, John.

NotSamantha said...

Many thanks for the compliment john.

NotCharlotte said...

Thanks for the compliment, that means a lot to us, I'm sure :-)