Friday, October 28, 2005

All Hallow's Eve

It's Halloween weekend and all across the country women are heading out, looking like sluts. Sexy nurse costumes, Vampire hookers, know the drill: It's the one night of the year women can dress in pleather and fishnets and not be judged. I myself have taken part in this tradition in past years as I have dressed up as a Candy Strip(p)er (damn, that uniform is short!), a sexy spy (pleather mini included), and even a herion addict one year (herion chic?).

Costume parties allow us to take on another identity, to put on the mask of another personality, to be someone else for one night of the year.

This year, as my weekend of celebrating witches and ghosts begins, I can't help but think of doing the opposite: taking the mask off and letting it all out. Not hiding behind a certain way I want to be perceived. Not trying to hide my true feelings and certainly not worrying about my soul being sucked out because I did something I knew was necessary. I will go out tonight in my costume (not slutty, but very funny) but I am still going to be me. In fact, I think more of "me" is going to come out tonight than it has in awhile.

Happy Halloween! (Night 1 of 4)

(Just kidding about the soul sucking out thing...MUHAHAHA!)


undercover celebrity said...

Love your blog.
So... I have to ask, what's your costume?

NotCarrie said...

I can tell you now...I was pregnant Britney Spears!:)

It was awesome...