Saturday, September 03, 2005

Not Fitting in on either side...

I went out tonight. With NotSkippy and his and my mutual friend NotALawyerYet. It was interesting. We met up for dinner and then her friend invited some of her friends and we headed to Adams Morgan. For those of you non-DC people, that's an area of Washington where all the clubs are.

From there we prceeded to hit one bar and start on another before we realized how late it was. As I was making my way back to the train with NotSkippy and NotALawyerYet I realized one thing...I hate the bar scene. I hate the pick up, have to be flirty and flip your hair (if you are so inclined), smile dazzling, even when you're pissy drunk mindset that I saw in the vast majority of women there. I had not been dressed to impress, in fact I wore the same pair of jeans I had worn to work this morning, a pink t-shirt and sneakers. I was going for comfy, and did I feel intimidated by the bevy of the perfect female form betcha.

Which got me to thinking about my self perception versus the societal norm of the female body. I would love to believe that I am totally immune to such displays, but I am not. With each passing of someone smaller than me I think about how that person sees me and do they see what I see projected each time I look on?

Alas, to this question I don't have an answer, in all honestly I'm not sure I want one, because if the answer I'm seeking is not likely to be the one I get.


NotMiranda said...

You read my mind sometimes.

NotCarrie said...

Marie Claire had an interesting article where women drew what they THOUGHT they looked like (life size) and then someone took a picture of them next to it.

Like, one woman drew herself with huge 'dirty pillows' (as my sister likes to call them) because people always tell her they are big...but really, they weren't.


I hate seeing the stupid dressed up women when I'm out...they always look uncomfortable and skanky.