Tuesday, September 27, 2005

21 Days At A Time

Every few weeks my voicemail alerts me that I have messages marked for deletion. So every few weeks I have to go through the messages I have saved and decide which to keep and which to get rid of.

There are a few I automatically save because they make me smile when I hear them:

NotGibbon calling to give me directions to meet up with him after he had moved far, far away and was back for a visit. I'm worried it's the last time I will hear his voice.

NotTownie returning a phone call after an adventurous night out on the town. He's so hot and his voice is sexy so the voice mail is a keeper.

NotCharmingMan is someone who leaves messages that make you feel as though you've just had a conversation. He, too, has moved far away now so I like to keep his voice around.

There is one saved voicemail that I never listen to but always save. If it starts and I listen for too long before I realize what it is I gasp and have to push "9" to save it and get the phone away from. It's a message that contains an almost incoherant declaration of love and it freaks me out. I listened to it over and over when I got it with my mouth wide open wondering what the hell had happened. I can't erase it...it's like evidence or something.


NotMiranda said...

I collect emails the same way.

NotCarrie said...

I have saved IM conversations.