Monday, August 22, 2005

In the Key of Summer Ending...

It seems like summers about to end, and while I'd love to say its been one full of fun, sun and men, for me its been one of introspection, decisions and heartbreak. So where do I go from here...?

I'm doing the responsible thing and moving on. Severing the ties I have with NotSkippy slowly. I guess at heart I'm a hanger on and while I'm loathe to see this in other people, noticing it in myself has been quite enlightening.

I finally decided to pay for a membership to the online dating comm that I had been using in the spring...and they even have a blog! So I'll be blogging there to see what I get back in response.

Another thing I've come to grips is my personal outlook on myself. It used to be a lot greater than it was, and honestly, it was tons better before I met up with NotSkippy again. So, I return to what I know. The fall has always been good for changes for me and I'm not going to hold back on them anymore. I know what I want and I figure as long as I take baby steps I'll be happy with any decisions I make there.

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NotCarrie said...

I'm looking for the fall to be inspirational for changes all over the place!