Thursday, August 18, 2005

I'm trying to get to my car so NO I don't want to give you my number...

You know, I've come to see that I must give off some sort of idiot vibe when I've wiped my makeup off for the day.

Case in point.

I went to the gym (took off my makeup), got hot, sweaty and then proceeded to clean up and head to the grocery store for some toiletries. Go in, get said items and its raining when I come out. I decide that I'm not sugar, hence I won't melt in the rain and cross the street towards my car...what do I hear behind me, but some guy talking about how I'm not even listening to who's talking to me...*blink* and *raised eyebrow*. What follows is some dude trying to pick me up in the rain, in the parking lot of a grocery store.

Him: You sure look pretty, you got a boyfriend?
Me: No (inching toward door of car)
Him: That's good so you can be my girlfriend.
Me: I don't even know you.
Him: *switching tactics* You got kids. (now this ticks me off...yes I am an ample hipped woman, however this should not be the determining factor in me having kids...)
Me: I don't like children.
Him: *shocked* Really!
Me: Yes, I prefer my godchildren...children that I can give back.
Him: *changing tactics again* Can I have your phone number.
Me: Sure *I proceed to give him my home number...why not some made up digits...well because I never answer the house phone and he can listen to the answering machine and figure that since he's left a message I'm surely going to call him back...NOT BLOODY LIKELY!)
Him: *smug* Don't get a boyfriend, cause you're going to be my girlfriend.
Me: *condescending smile* Again, I don't know you.

At this point I get into my car *finally* and drive away.


Maybe makeup is a skeezy guy repellant...cause this never happens when I've got my game face on.


NotCharlotte said...

hm... that's interesting. Not the first time that's happened.
Perhaps find a medium between not wearing any makeup and your normal amount... although that's never a whole lot.
Maybe you looked tired, therefore "easy."
But hey, at least someone got your number! :-D

NotSamantha said...

Yeah someone got my number alright...someone I want to lose it.