Wednesday, June 25, 2008


When we were first presented with list of products from which to choose for review, I, for some reason, chose the Vibrating O Sleeve. I guess I like a challenge, eh?

While, unlike NotSamantha, I am not going to be giving out perky nipples for this product, but I will give some words of advice:

1. Do not get the product from your friend* while at work where just about anyone could see what is passing hands**. This could result in extreme embarrassment, a gnarly rumor, or tears from laughing so hard.
2. I would suggest using the Vibrating O Sleeve with someone you are very comfortable with. It's a tricky moment to introduce this in the bedroom without offending your mate. "Here honey, put this on your wang to make it longer! AND it widens the girth!" "Gee...thanks."
3. Also keep in mind that you might need to loosen him up a little bit before you suggest he put this on. While it's soft and durable, I can see how it would look like a painful contraption to some.
4. This is almost like a two in one product. No, three in one. You can use it alone, you can use it with him, or he can use it on you. Reow!
5. Did I mention the end vibrates on contact?

Best of luck,


*The products were sent together, to NotMiranda, who then distributed them to us.
**Why does that sound so dirty?


Sunny said...

LOL_ This entire post is just FILLED with landmine situations and pitfalls.

I love you guys!!!!

NotCarrie said...

Love you, too.